November 23, 2008

Parade Comes to Main Street Blue Jay

This year our town decided to rename our highway to Main Street. That's because our little mountain town is very homey, quaint and just like many Main Streets across America.
We've got the friendly barbershop next door to our super friendly herb, health and supplement store. We've got the local bank down the street, a couple of small town diners.Betty's across the street has greeting cards, gifts, lotto and even EGGS! A furniture shop, candle shop, even a bird seed shop!
More than that, we've got character. we're just brimming with CHARACTER, and well, a few characters too! This really shows up well at holiday time in the winter. We have, for your viewing pleasure, the shortest parade in the world!! This year it takes place on Dec 6th at 2:30 in the afternoon. Our locals and guests put on a great show for the entire family. And Santa shows up at the end and stays late for pictures. You can get some hot cocoa across the street and mulling spices at our local herb shop....Health Habitat in case you forgot! Many of our store fronts are offering great specials this year and you are cordially invited to participate in this day! Call for more information: 909-337-2344. see you soon!