December 21, 2008

Health Habitat Prepares for more Holiday Snow!

Health Habitat/Carson's Herbals isTHE fighter of colds, flu, sore throats, depression & congestion. Using Ear Cones, Mulled Wine, Essiac, Essential Oils, Colloidal Silver, Organic Bulk Herbs, Breathe Easy, Get Well Soon and much more, we're on your team this Holiday Season!

Health Habitat/Carson's Herbals in Blue Jay California is gearing up for even MORE snow this week, even as Christmas fast approaches. We've stocked up on extra Ear Cones, Essiac, Neti Pots,VSC, Colloidal Silver, Breathe Easy, Cayenne,Get Well Soon, Rhodiola and even...drum roll please....Mulling Spices! Ya just gotta be prepared folks, to get thru this season of flu, congestion, depression and oh yeah, the festivities.

Those Ear Cones do wonders for getting the wax out, relieving sinus pressure and also providing fun for the entire family! Everyone gets to see just what you've been keeping in those ears all this time.

Essiac has been around for a long time, and for good reason: it detoxes what ails ya! So party on, but be prepared for the after holiday remorse. Many more uses, but that was the only funny one.

Neti Pots have been tauted on Oprah by Dr. Oz for very good reasons: they work! Clearing out your sinus passages safely and effectively just became the funnest thing you can do with your nose since the '80s!

VSC & Get Well Soon! are 2 tried and true flu/cold/sore throat FIGHTERS! Both can be used preventitively (beforehand) or during an illness. They have some amazing ingredients that boost the immune system and boot that bug right out onto the street. To that end, I'll just throw in the Colloidal Silver into the mix. Safe enough for babies, yet tough enough to ward off the cooties. Great for pets too!

Breathe Easy gets a slightly brighter red font, 'cuz it's just that good. Contains stuff like Golden Seal, Echinacea, Yarrow, Myrrh, Yerba Santa, and plenty more herbs that help you BREATHE, fight congestion, and gets rid of the bug that ate you. Actually works on strep throat too! Bronchitis and other respiratory issues as well.

CAYENNE: And not just any cayenne. This is 400 million heat units of powdered HEAT! What can you do with this monster? Glad you asked!

Need to go out into that cold snow? Cold feet? Add 1/2 teaspoon of this herb to your shoes or boots and presto! Your feet are going to feel so much warmer, your circulation will be improved and members of the opposite sex will be drawn to you like moths to a flame....wait that's another product! BUT REALLY! This stuff works so very well to heat your feet that we'd really like to have you give it a try. It's the hottest cayenne on the mountain.

Rhodiola is a very nice addition to your diet at any time of the year, but now is the best! Not only does it lift depression and offer a gentle boost of energy, tests have found that if you add Rhodiola to your diet and excercise program you can lose more weight than without it. By up to 11%. So, ya lose weight, feel better and have more energy. There doesn't seem to be a down side there!

Hot Mulling Spices help to make the season BRIGHT! These Organically grown goodies are just one example of our full line of bulk herbs and spices.
Add just a few tablespoons to some hot apple cidar, hot mulled wine or BY THEMSELVES in Hot WATER for a wonderful and healthy holiday taste treat!
Not only do they taste great, they offer the added bonus of clearing your sinuses, helping with runny noses and aid digestion. They are just one of the examples of how herbs just keep on giving!

Thanks for checking in with us and please let us extend our very warmest Christmas and Holiday greetings. We'd like to remind you to come and see us anytime. Call ahead if you're not sure about the driving conditions.
Oh, and you're probabaly wondering what Mr. Steve's favorite organic herb is, right?
Hops! Ice Cold Rocky Mountain Hops! And oh yes, he uses Essiac like it's going out of style!!