June 28, 2009

Lake Arrowhead Market Night

Friday nights in Lake Arrowhead are home to Market night, and free concerts.
Here's us at our booth, where Katie will give you great deals on our goods.
Steve has been so kind as to offer great discounts on selected items AND he even covers the sales tax!!!! If you live in California you KNOW what a deal THAT is. Why Steve got so nice??? Katie made him his own special Essiac blend with herbs picked out just for him. Seems to be working just fine!
Market night has many vendors including produce, arts, clothes, jewelry and of course raw local honey and our organic goods. Incense is always a hit, plus we have those glow in the dark light necklaces.
SPECIAL FRIDAY DEAL: Call us by Friday morning and we'll deliver your order to the booth...receive a discount PLUS that lack o' tax deal....The Health Habitat Stimulus Package!!!
If that isn't stimulating enough for you, ask Katie to blend you up a special lotion.
So, come on over to Lake Arrowhead Village Market night, listen to great music, come sit with Katie at the booth, grab some honey (that's the Raw Local kind, but whatever turns your knobs!)
See Ya THERE! 337-2344 to place your order