July 17, 2009

Organic Food Landed in Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead market night tonight is as good a place as any to bring our newest Organic wonders!
First, we have tasty Organic rices of every imaginable color:

Red Bhutanese rice that stays nice and firm, lots of fiber protein and very flavorful.
Black Forbidden Rice a favorite in many dishes. Turns a beautiful purple, high in fiber, protein and a personality all it's own. I make this wonderful meatless chili with this rice (not a necessity, this rice gets along well with meat as well!)
Green Jade Bamboo Rice has the HIGHEST amount of fiber and protein of them all, great taste and a very pretty color. What's not to like?
Brown Jasmine, the workhorse of the rice kingdom. Cooks up nice and fluffy, plays nice with these other rices, or is a nice stand-alone.

In addition, we got these great organic Black Beans, Bragg's Organic Sesame and Ginger Salad Dressing and Marinade, Tabasco Sauce, and for dessert, Crystallized Ginger.

So come on down, listen to the Neil Diamond music, grab some great deals. And If you want to know how to cook all these great items:

Cooking with Whole Grains & Other Healthy Stuff Class
It's Back and IMPROVED
We're gonna be cooking up some very healthy, tasty, and easy dishes. While we're waiting on our lunch to be ready we'll be talking about herbs, skincare, detox, lowering your cholesterol and why Steve needs all that water, the REAL reason!
Sundays at 1:30
Health Habitat in Blue Jay
$5.00 per Person
Call for more info 909-337-2344

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