February 29, 2008


Well Spring is in the air as the Sun is shinning and the weather is great. I can not tell you how many people come into the store during the winter time with depression or the blues. They want to take an herb or pill to help them out. Get out and exercise!

Remember we change to daylight savings time on March 9 which is the weekend following this one.

I have been told that we can expect weather in the next month and a half so it is time to get out and take a simple walk for 15 minutes. Recharge those batteries and just soak it all in.

Remember where we live, in the fresh air and for some a slower pace of life. Be thankful for all we have say a prayer every once in awhile. I am thankful that we do not have any traffic lights.

Oh I want warn everyone that the CHP is out and I almost got busted. I will tell the story at a later date.

So get your butt's out there and start to feel better. Turn off the TV and take a walk.


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