March 25, 2008

Katie's Health Challenge!!!

Sick & Tired of being Sick & Tired???
I don't know about you, but I am so very glad that spring is here! And that winter is finally packing up and leaving. Sure, we might get a few more storms, but not another whole WINTER, at least for 9 months!
So, are you ready to GET WELL? Get HAPPY? Energetic?
I'd like to invite you to Katie's Health Challenge:
Do you have issues with sleep, and the lack of it? Weight loss/getting into shape? Thyroid? Diabetes? Focusing Attention where it needs to be focused? Depression, Anxiety, Wanna quit smoking? Get PAST POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER and INTO LIFE? General lack of good health?
If you have any of the above, or something I've left out, why not join me in supporting each other in a real, positive uplifting way.
We are forming a new class beginning on April 1st here at the store. 5:15pm on Tuesday evenings. We'll bring our issues, air them out and find some solutions, with the support of one another.
If you cannot come at that time please call, email or come into the store and we'll figure out a way for you to participate ANYWAY!
I have spoken with Dr. Kathy O'Fallon and she has agreed to come and share with us some techniques that work.
We need to stick together and make our lives work FOR us, and with us!
In LOVE and Peace,& Health
Katie Carson

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Anonymous said...

Hi Katy, I would love to come to this class. I really want to quite smoking and lose some pounds.. I have a dentist apt on that day but will try to make it...